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Absaroka, From War to Wyoming by Joan Bochmann

Absaroka: From War to Wyoming
An Audio Book by Joan Bochmann
Kendall's Storm

Price $24.95

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IPPY AwardAbsaroka received Honorable Mention in the IPPY Awards: Best Fiction for the Mountain West category. (Independent Publisher Book Awards, 2006)

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If you enjoyed the print edition of Absaroka:  (Where the Anguish of a Soldier Meets the Land of the Crow), or if you missed it, you will soon have an opportunity to hear it. Like me, many of you enjoy listening to audio books while traveling, working around the house, at bedtime, or when you just want to relax, close your eyes and enjoy being read to. Joan Bochmann's award-winning novel will soon be available for just such a treat.

In this beautifully rendered novel, Matt Reed returns from Vietnam to find that the ranch he'd grown up on, the one that was to be his someday—the one that filled his dreams and kept him sane as he fought a war he didn't understand or believe in, was in foreclosure. Paul Pringle, his childhood nemesis was now the banker who held the mortgage on the ranch. Pringle smugly refuses to give an extension on the loan. The shame that Matt's father feels for borrowing against Matt's legacy is evident in his depressed and evasive demeanor.

Matt, already suffering from PTSD from the atrocities he's seen, is overwhelmed with the loss of his home, the absence of his mother, and the change in his father. Yet he is not ready to let Paul Pringle, the man who married Matt's highschool sweetheart while Matt was in Vietnam, take his ranch, too. This story reveals the resilience and tenacity of the human spirit, as Matt, with the help of loyal friends and neighbors, including a Crow Indian and a herd of wild horses, gives his all for what he believes is right.

by Joan Bochmann


Category: FICTION/Western/Romance
TOPICAL/Wild Horses/Mining/War/Ranching
Publication Date: November 2005
196 Pages with some illustrations
Trim Size: 5 1/4 x 7 3/4
Soft cover
Price: $12.00
ISBN: 0-9714161-8-4
Library of Congress Control Number: 2005932431

Young Matt Reed returns from Vietnam to find his mother gone, a victim of cancer, his father a mere shadow of his former self, and his Wyoming ranch stripped of livestock and threatened with the ravages of coal mining. Jill, his neighbor; Joe, a Crow friend; and a wild horse herd each play a part in the solution-and Matt's healing.

PRICE $12.00