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Janet Muirhead Hill's tales of Starlight, a spirited young horse, and the equally spirited Miranda Stevens, who loves him, will warm young hearts. Meet her friends, Laurie Langley, Christopher Bergman, and their horses, Queen and Lady.

Order your copies direct from the publisher here. One advantage of ordering direct from the author and publisher (Janet Muirhead Hill) is that you can request a personalized signed copy at no extra cost. Just include a note on how you would like it to be signed.

Miranda and Starlight (Revised Edition) 

Beautifully illustrated by Pat Lehmkuhl, Miranda and Starlight's stunning cover and many drawings throughout (four more than in the first edition) will make it and the books to follow collector's items to be treasured by generations to come. 

Starlight's Courage

Starlight's Courage

The adventure continues in Starlight's Courage, the second exciting book in the series, also illustrated by Pat Lehmkuhl.


Starlight's Courage, Revised

Starlight, Star Bright

Starlight, Star Bright continues the adventures that seal a bond of love between Miranda and Starlight. Now at age eleven, Miranda is ready to take on more responsibility, but is not immune to getting into difficult and dangerous situations.

Starlight's Shooting Star

Starlight's Shooting Star carries on the tradition of adventure and endearment found in the first three books & With each new challenge, Miranda continues to mature and further develop her strong personality. Also illustrated by Pat Lehmkuhl.

Starlight Shines for Miranda

Starlight Shines for Miranda is here! Book 5 is another award winning book telling of the continuing life experiences of Miranda and Starlight. This time they are racing the clock to save the day for Mr. Taylor. Order yours now! Again, Pat Lehmkuhl has illustrated with a gorgeous cover as well as her line drawings inside.

Starlight Comes Home

Starlight Comes Home is here! Be the first to order your copy of the final book of the series. We will send you your own personally autographed copy (by request) within a week of your order. This may be the best in the series as early reviewers have already claimed!

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